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Top 15 SaaS Content Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2023 (with pro tips)

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding content marketing in SaaS and its benefits, but what do the SaaS content marketing stats suggest? Well, the numbers say it all when it comes to proving the credibility of content marketing.Let’s look at the top SaaS content marketing stats you need to know in 2023. 

John Ozuysal

September 6, 2023

The impact of SaaS content marketing can do much more than just increase your organic traffic.  There’s a lot of buzz surrounding content marketing in SaaS and its benefits, but what do the SaaS content marketing stats suggest? Well, the numbers say it all when it comes to proving the credibility of content marketing.

Let’s look at the top SaaS content marketing stats you need to know in 2023. 

Top 5 SaaS Content Marketing Statistics

Here are the top 5 SaaS content marketing statistics:

  • SaaS businesses using content marketing report lead generation growth of up to 400% (Source: Gitnux)
  • Creating content is a crucial marketing strategy for 57% of SaaS companies — (Source: Gitnux)
  • 70% of SaaS companies have a somewhat developed or advanced content marketing strategy — (Source: Semrush)
  • 97% of SaaS companies are finding some degree of success in their content marketing efforts — (Source: Semrush)

  1. SaaS businesses using content marketing report lead generation growth of up to 400% — Source: Gitnux

SaaS businesses are thriving because of the compounding effects of content marketing practices. One of the most incredible benefits is lead generation growth. 

Your potential customers are always looking for answers to the questions they have, and resources that delve into a subject they’re interested in can move them an inch further in the buying process and shorten the sales cycle.

Pro tips💡: 

  • Publish an ebook. With ebooks, you can direct leads into your sales funnel and increase the visibility of your content marketing marketing efforts.
  • Offer free guides in your content and direct your potential customers to your email list for in-depth educational Product-led content.
  • Create webinars. Generate a sign-up page, get participants, tell them about your product, and give educational tips. 
  1. 75% of them expect to increase their content marketing budgets in 2023 — Source: Semrush

It's not a surprise that 75% of SaaS companies want to increase their content marketing budgets. 

SaaS content marketing is the most sustainable and cost-efficient lead generation and customer acquisition channel for SaaS brands. With an effective strategy, you can consistently sign new customers without spending on ads.

So, what should you consider when budgeting for content marketing?

  • Human resources: hiring a strategist or a couple of writersGJL in-house or freelance. Getting an SEO to work with you or a developer to walk through the technical part of your strategy. Also, designers and videographers.
  • The tools: content marketing tools for executing and automating different tasks.

Pro tips 💡:

  • Map out your content marketing goals
  • Identify great talents that would help you achieve these goals
  • Hire them — strategists, writers, and other creatives
  • Set up a budget that covers your skills and the tools you need.
  • Map out your content marketing strategy and hit the ground running.
  1. Creating content is a key marketing strategy for 57% of SaaS companies — (Source: Gitnux)

Content creation is a marketing strategy, not a tactic.

A marketing strategy is a high-level marketing plan that guides your direction and long-term goals and how you plan on accomplishing them. Creating content is a crucial marketing strategy that allows you to achieve long-term goals that can compound over time.

However, you must intentionally create content that generates revenue for SaaS businesses. Doing content marketing in the SaaS niche is a different ball game

And if you're not careful, you can make the following mistakes that can make you lose more money:

  • Focusing on TOFU content only.
  • Posting thin content.
  • You need to know your customers.
  • Not doing Product-led content marketing.

Here are some pro tips 💡:

  1.  42% of SaaS marketers said updating existing content has boosted their content marketing value — (Source: Insivia)

One of the worst mistakes you can make when investing in content marketing is creating one piece of content and ignoring it forever. Your content is like your house. You renovate it yearly or in a particular time frame, maybe quarterly.

You need to refresh the content you created in the past to give fresh insights to your readers. 

To increase the effectiveness of your SEO efforts and boost your search engine traffic, you can update your old content and give yourself an improved freshness score.

Pro tips💡:

  • Check your 2022 product-led content, make an update of it, and add new features you have in your product. This would increase your unique value proposition.
  1. The most successful blog posts in the SaaS sector average under 3,000 words — Source: Content Marketing Institute

Here's what John Ozuysal, a SaaS growth advisor, had to say about Posting Thin Content for your SaaS blog:

“🍕 I like my pizza thin crust but not my content, so does Google!!

If you think writing short-form content is better because you can create them much faster, think again!

Don't come up with a random word count number. Look at the other ranking articles and base your word count accordingly".

You might have your blog posts at a lower 3000-word count range, but ensure the content is deep enough to educate your readers and solve their problems.

Pro tip💡:

  • Create a quality blog post outline. I love how Gail Marie says, “When writing, your outline is your map. It helps turn a thousand thoughts and ideas into a cohesive structure. It ensures that your blog post delivers on its intended purpose, getting the reader from start to finish. It helps you choose which ideas and examples to visit along the way, making the reader smarter and more entertained.” 
  • Be very direct. Don't beat around the bush. You are creating a blog post about 15 PDF merging tools. Don't tell me: “What is a PDF merging tool?" Go straight to the point.
  • Attack the meat of your content. For example, if you are talking about PDF merger tools, the meat of the content is where you talk about the features of these tools. This helps you create high-quality content. 
  1. 47% of SaaS companies find case study blog posts to be effective — Source: Uplift Content

Putting together a compelling case study is one of the most powerful strategies for showcasing your product and attracting future customers.

One of the best ways to get the attention of your potential customers is to talk about the stories of your existing customers. This way, you showcase your product as the dominating product in your niche.

Pro tips💡: I love this case study pre-work by ContentEstate; you can follow it

  • Step 1: Find the right customers to interview
  • Step 2: Contact your customer 
  • Step 3: Write your case study questions
  • Step 4: Conduct your interview 
  1. 51% of B2B SaaS marketing professionals say webinars and webcasts were their most successful form of video content, followed by interviews with industry experts at 36% — Source: Content Marketing Institute

Every registered person for your webinar or Virtual event is a potential buyer. Online events establish you as an expert, trustworthy, and reliable source of information in your industry.

Michael Leszczynski, Content Marketing Manager at GetResponse, says:

“Here, at GetResponse, webinars play an important role, not just because we provide webinar software. We use them to onboard new customers, support product launches, and establish authority when inviting world-class experts and industry leaders.

Pro tips💡:

  • Find a very attractive topic in your niche. Invite two industry experts, create a webinar link for registration, and advertise in your network.
  1. 64% of B2B buyers report that podcasts were helpful at the beginning of their buying journey — Source: Siegemedia

Podcasting is an effective content marketing strategy for SaaS businesses in technical verticals. With podcasts, you can break down deep concepts and delve beyond your content on your blog or social media.

Here are some pro tips💡 to help you gain the most out of podcasting:

  • For a start, pick 5-6 leaders in your industry who are in your network and 3-4 current customers
  • Invite them to speak with you on a topic on your podcast. Treat every episode as an awareness campaign to enlighten your listeners. a
  • Make the episodes worth your listener’s time. The information gained rather than the hours spent on fluff and empty talks will improve your content performance.
  • Specifically, try to go the extra mile on a topic you've discussed in your blog posts that got a lot of reactions.
  • Create and share in communities and social media. 
  1. 40% of hukwbuyers said they engaged with at least three pieces of content before they contacted a sales rep — Source: Siegemedia

As Louis Grenier says, “All people have pains and dreams, but there’s one missing ingredient to turn them into a buyer."

And that missing ingredient is using content to generate demand.

How? You ask. Gaetano Di Nardi has an answer for you:

With content, you earn enough trust and respect among your ideal customers, and in due time, you can get them to become buying customers.

Pro tip💡: This is a call for you to build topical clusters. This way, you can get your customers to delve in-depth into a particular topic. This means increased information gain and an improved topical authority for you.

  1.  SaaS buyers spend 27% of their time during the buying process conducting independent online research — Source: Gartner.

No wonder marketers use Google's recommended search queries to research what potential buyers are actively searching for.

It's one thing to know what they are searching for, and it's another thing to position your product in front of your ideal customers in the ever-competitive market.

Here are some pro tips 💡 to help you out:

  • Speak to your loyal customers and learn how to know about your product. After a series of conversations, you should be armored with enough questions; with these questions, you can create solution-focused content to answer them.
  1. 91% of SaaS  businesses say that video as a marketing tool has helped increase their traffic — Source: Wyzowl state of marketing video report

Video content marketing creates valuable and engaging videos that attract, nurture, and convert business leads. With video content marketing, you can improve your business growth online.

Pro tips💡:

  • Use visual content creation tools like Canva and Look to create video walkthroughs that educate your prospects about your products or trends in your industry
  • Make every piece of content short and very attention-grabbing
  • Use a quality camera to take your videos
  • If you don't want to show your face, incredible AI video creation tools can help you create faceless animation videos. Remderforest is an example. 
  • Repurpose every video you post on the web on your social media for more traction. For instance, you can use Instagram or LinkedIn to post these videos.
  1. 36.7% of SaaS marketing professionals say the most significant challenge with visual content is producing engaging visuals on a consistent basis — Source: Siegemedia.

Creating engaging visuals consistently should be easy if you create the right system for your brand.

According to Orbit Media, Images, videos, charts, diagrams, faces, and thumbnails. They can drive all of these marketing outcomes. And the results are 100% measurable.

Source: Orbit Media

From Infographics to carousels, blog images, or illustrations in your content, visuals are a great way to advertise your SaaS brand. 

Pro tip💡:

  • Get an experienced designer to work on your brand identity and create original graphics
  • Use visuals to improve user experience through onboarding videos and product walkthrough designs
  • Canva is a powerful tool for businesses to create outstanding visuals 
  1. Online users spend 20% of their online time-consuming content — Source:DemandMetric

Now that you know that people are actively spending Their time-consuming content online, you must intentionally create content and distribute it widely on social media.

It's one thing to create content; it's another to create content that meets your ideal users where they are. Here are some helpful pro tips 💡 to help you out:

  • Create a list of your content goals
  • Create a strategy. Ideally, you need a content strategist. Make sure your content strategy goes beyond SEO. It should cover content on social media too.
  • Hire a social media manager to manage your content on social media
  • Be consistent with your content and distribute shamelessly.
  1. Content marketing costs SaaS businesses 62% less than traditional marketing — Source: Demand metric.

Why spend so much using traditional marketing practices to market your SaaS business when you can use content marketing while spending less? 62% lesser. Wild right?

Content marketing is very cost-effective and efficient. The good thing is that it compounds over time. Here are some ideas that can help you out:

  • While content costs less, you still need to spend on human resources to get better results. Create a budget list: list all the help you need to practice content marketing. Make a sum and start investing one after the other.
  • Note: You must map out your content goals first. This helps with clarity before spending on other things.

  1. 80% of B2B technology marketers report that writing is the most important of all content marketing skills, followed by  digital media skills (77%) and data analysis skills (65%) — Source:

It's no surprise that writing is the most important of all content marketing skills for B2B SaaS tech marketers. SaaS content writing involves writing content that attracts your ideal customers, positions you as a thought leader in the niche, shows potential buyers how your product works, and finally converts them from readers to buyers.

For content to perform superlatively, you need to build what’s known as topical authority. In other words, content marketing does best when it dives deep into areas of expertise.

Pro tip💡: Read this post and practice everything you learn.

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